Lightbreaker Campaign

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Basic elements

  • The campaign will take place mostly in and around Blackriver Crossing, the capital of Solune (soʊlun), a country on the largest continent of Edris (ɛdrɪs) on a world called Amr (æmər) (rhymes with hammer)
  • The sole religion of the land follows the God Solara (soʊlɛərɶ). She is said to have killed the other 5 major Gods. It’s said that she resides in the sun.
  • Solara, (that is, the sun) is the only natural light source. There are no stars in the night sky and the moon is a pale comparison to our own. The moon sometimes goes dark for no reason.
  • Traveling by night is extremely dangerous even in relatively civilized areas
  • All citizens are required to take religious studies in their early life.
  • The Royal Explorer’s Guild provides a 1 GP daily stipend for their members. This is to provide for meals and bridge tolls around Blackriver Crossing and not should not be used frivolously. When on assignment the REG provides a 5 GP stipend per day.
  • The REG is held in high esteem. Counted among their members are heroes and heroines that have slain dragons, faced off against powerful undead, settled political disputes, quelled climatic disturbances, and uncovered plots of assassination and subterfuge. The average member though would be somewhat like an average marine or army soldier.
  • The government is theocratic
  • A tower stands in the middle of Blackriver Crossing in which an avatar of Solara resides. The avatar provides illumination at night that is comparable to a mostly full moon.
  • Firearms are commonplace except that there are no advanced firearms. This means that firearms and ammunition costs 25% of listed price. Mass produced firearms can be bought at 10% of the listed price but these carry penalties to attack and damage.
  • The game will be opening up on the second day of Stormpass on the 5th of Summerfall. It is the day after graduation from training with the REG. The first assignment involves traveling south along the Black River to investigate kobold attacks on a small town near Dragon’s Perch, a small mountain.
  • Some of the more recognizable creatures haven’t been seen in many years. It’s suspected that since the Gods that created them have been killed, they too have been exterminated. These include Dragons, Vampires, Fiends, and Angels

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