The calendar is a bit unusual due to its asymmetrical orbit. I don’t really care if this means life would be unsustainable on the world.
The months are, in order with number of days:
Lifespring – 28
Blossom – 31
Thrush -35
Storming – 65
Summerfall – 31
Harvest – 28
Frosting – 63
Snowfall – 61
Mourn – 22

The month names are reflective of the basic weather patterns for Solune. Other cultures of Amr have different names.

The main lunar cycle completes every 29 days. The moon is a dull grey disk that doesn’t provide a lot of illumination. The moon was once opaline but since the death of Proserpina it has slowly greyed and lost much of its radiance.
The second lunar cycle is occurs very infrequently. For a few days a full red circle can be seen in the night sky. The moon is called ‘The Red Eye of Nephilia’ despite him being dead. The theocracy has tried to rename it but nothing has worked.

Festivals and Celebrations

Red = religious holiday; Green = countrywide holiday; Khaki = local tradition.

  1. Caprivi Day – A celebration honoring the coronation of the first emperor of Edris on the 10th of Blossom. Before The Great Triumph new emperors would be crowned on this day. Typically only held in larger cities.
  2. Stormpass – Festival held on the first clear day of Summerfall. Celebrations can last up to three days in the smaller towns.
  3. Solara’s Gift – All day celebration and religious celebration held on the summer solstice in honor of Solara.

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