Champions and Demigods

All power that the Champions and Demigods have is granted by Solune. Before The Great Triumph all of the Gods had Champions and swapped them out for different reasons. Solune had revoked power and granted it to different Champions more than any of the others. Their power is kinda like the prophets. Moses parted the sea but only through God’s power. The champions are similar but have more autonomy and conflicting personalities with Solune.

Lanime (lænəmeɪ): Domains: Charm and Trickery. Portfolio: Deceit, Lust, Secrets, and Seduction. Favored Weapon: Hand Crossbow;

Emraad (ɛmræd): Domains: Death and Repose; Portfolio: Death, Funerals, Undead, Judgment. Favored Weapon: Battle Aspergillum;

Lord Novgora (noʊvgɔræ): Domains: Strength, Nobility and Glory. Portfolio: Athletics, Contests, Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword;

Anipor (ænʌpʊər): Domains: War and Protection. Favored Weapons: Longsword &/or Combat Scabbard;

Tempest: Domains: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Favored Weapon: Handaxe;

Gahdlei (gædleɪ): Domains: Community, Healing, and Renewal. Favored Weapon: Knitting Needle; The Blessed Nanny

Calepsis (keɪlɛpsi): Domains: Knowledge, Rune, and Magic. Favored Weapon: Ray Spells;

Lady Fortuna (fɔrtunə): Domains: Luck, Time, and Magic. Portfolio: Aging, Favored Weapon: Scimitar;

Adanhatt (ædɪnhæt): Domains: Madness, Knowledge, and Artifice. Favored Weapon: Flail;

Summerfoot (sʌmərfʊt): Domains: Plant, Earth, and Weather. Portfolio: . Favored Weapons: Slam or Unarmed; A gargantuan, seemingly old treant like creature.

The Mistress of Pain: Domains: Retribution, Fate, and Destruction. Favored Weapon: Scorpion Whip;

Amador: Domains (amʌdɔr): Fire, Prophecy, and Famine. Portfolio: Pestilence, Starvation. Favored Weapon: Longbow;

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Champions and Demigods

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