Character Creation Guide

Ability Scores: one free 18 with a 17 point buy for the remaining five.

Race: Core races are preferred.

Class: All classes are allowed. Let me know what you choose so I can adapt the first session if necessary.

Skills: Due to the religious constraints of the land all citizens are required to attend religious studies throughout their childhood. This is represented by 1 mandatory rank in Knowledge: Religion. I’m going to try to incorporate uses for both knowledge: religion and knowledge: history so you guys might want to consider having a few ranks and possibly have one expert in each.

Feats: No feat restrictions

Alignment: The Royal Explorer’s Guild is a semi disciplined organization. As such chaotic alignments would probably be a hindrance.

Religion: Worship of Solara is mandated by the state. There are a number of quasideities that are secondary choices.

Equipment: 3rd level starting gold is 3000GP. No one item can be worth more than 1500GP. The only exception is masterwork full plate.

I’m hoping to have finished characters before we have our first session. I wanna start with rolling initiative (Well, almost).

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Character Creation Guide

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