Old Gods

Solara (soʊlɛərɶ)- Goddess of Light and the Sun. She appears as a young comely women. She is Lawful Evil. She worked with Nephilia in nearly all of her works except for the sun. She is the god of destruction and it shows. During the Times of Peace she was the consort of Teneberon and their creations are nightmarish.

Teneberon (tɛnəbærʌn) – God of Darkness and Secrets. He appeared as a middle aged bald man (Think Vin Diesel). He was Chaotic Neutral. His creations include both the High Elves and the Dark Elves. He was the first that Solara attacked in The Great Triumph. He fought long and hard but was still defeated.
The Grobthax

Proserpina (proʊsɜrpinɶ) – Mistress of Magic. Her innocence shone through in all her incarnations but she most often seemed a youngish playful girl. She was Chaotic Good. She was responsible for creating Luna, the moon, and it was once an alabaster marble until its slow decay after her death. She avoided Solara during most of The Great Triumph until Unsei was defeated.

Nephilia (nɛfɪliɶ)- The Maker. He is responsible, to some degree, for nearly everything in existence. He appeared as a bearded man devoid of expression. He was True Neutral. As the God of protection the other Gods sought his help during The Great Triumph but he was ultimately unsuccessful. For seven years he was alone in the struggle but all he could do was bolster his bastions. Each fell until only the one in which he resided remained.

Turang (tɜrʌŋ)- The Warrior Wench. She was a squat and stern woman. She was Neutral Good. It was in her image she crafted the dwarves. She fought long and nearly without rest against Solara from the beginning until nearly five years later.

Unsei (unseɪ)- The Quiet One. He appeared, according to every source, differently in every instance. He was Chaotic Neutral. It was he that created the fey, rather inadvertently however being he was a wellspring of uncertainty and change. He did intentionally create the elves with Teneberon. It’s believed that he worked with Nephilia to create a failsafe against Solara’s victory. At the moment of his defeat it is suspected that he was able to suffuse himself through the void Teneberon crafted.

The Gods deaths are said to have taken place on Amr (æmər). These sites are Godgraves. They’re tumultuous loci of horrific weather. No one has been far inside and returned.

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Old Gods

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